About Nosadnomad Travel

Kia Ora,

I am Sam, a 25 year old Kiwi, cruising around the world. The plan for this travel adventure is to have no plans, and see where the road takes me. I am pretty much your generic backpacker, but with oh so much more to offer :p.

Like most long term travelers, I gave up my career to gallivant around the world! I realised after studying for 5 years and working for 2 years after that, I wasn’t quite the ‘career woman’ I thought I was. I was starting to feel creatively stunted, and decided I wasn’t ready to commit my days to something I wasn’t passionate about!  Best decision of my life.

Of course, as I no longer work full-time, and gave up on my job sooner than I probably should have in terms of saving for this expedition, all of my travel will be as low cost as possible. However, with the exception of events and adventures I think are necessary :). I have also completed an online TESOL course so that I can teach English as a foreign language at some point and hopefully get some extra $$ on my journey. I will share with you my travel tips, tricks, and stories from my adventures, review travel items I have tried along the way, and give feedback about any tours I go on.

Contact me

I would love to hear your feedback; you can catch me on email at sam@nosadnomad.com, Twitter @nosadnomadsam, Pinterest, and on Instagram @nosadnomad.