The place amongst the pines! This place is such a perfect getaway from the bustling cities and sweaty coastal towns of Colombia! Casa Elemento offers dormitory rooms as well as hammocks, and features a bar (with happy hour), a pool, delicious food, a great view over forests and out to the Caribbean Sea, and of course their famous giant hammocks. They are currently expanding the hostel, bringing more rooms and more giant hammocks! They have a swinging hammock too, and a hammock over a stream. It’s aalll about hammocks here at Casa Elemento! You can find this now fairly famous hostel in the small town of Minca, Colombia.

Casa Elemento Colombia Hammock
Casa Elemento Hammock

Where to book Casa Elemento

This hostel is available on Hostel World, you can check prices and book it here. You can also book through their website.

Pro tip: if you are on a teeny budget like me and want a cheaper option of accommodation, they offer hammocks to sleep in for 20,000cop, but you can only book these from their website. Email them asking to reserve a hammock, as you will not be able to do so on HostelWorld.

How to get to Casa Elemento

This hostel is a bit of a mission to get to, which really adds to the whole experience! Firstly you will need to get to Minca. This is easily achieved from Santa Marta. You can travel direct from Santa Marta to Casa Elemento, or travel first to Minca township and mototaxi from there. 

Santa Marta to Casa Elemento Direct:

You can take a 4WD directly from Santa Marta which is a great option if you are in a group to share the costs. This costs 120,000COP, which is split among the total number of passengers. Casa Elemento Hostel will organise this for you, but you must  email them at least a day in advance for them to sort one out form you.

Santa Marta to Minca:

Jeeps leave regularly from the Santa Marta Collectivo Bus Station in town. This should cost 8,000 COP per person and will drop you off in the Minca township. Now either mototaxi or walk to Casa Elemento.


Once you arrive in Minca, you can take a mototaxi up to the Casa Elemento, which is a bumpy 40min ride for 20,000COP fixed price. 


Or, you can just walk!! We decide to save our money and take the walk. It was about 2 sweaty hours of walking up hill. It was worth it though! We got there just in time for happy hour and swiftly spent all the money we saved from our walk! 

Casa Elemento Hammocks Colombia
Casa Elemento Hammocks

General Notes

Casa Elemento does not have a communal kitchen to cook your own meals, meaning you will likely buy your meals here. There is no communal fridge to use either. The food here is cooked by one of the most delightful and fun ladies I’ve ever met, Erin! She is an amazing and passionate chef. Prices (2016) are as follows: breakfast: 6000-12000, lunch: 10,000-15,000, dinner: 17,000.

Although there is not kitchen nor fridge to use, you can buy long life milk in Colombia very easily, so do bring come cereal/granola, fruit and long life milk! I also took bread and Nutella. Take some food that you don’t have to cook. They have a kettle so bring your own tea or coffee if you don’t want to pay 2000 per cup for theirs. 

Happy hour is from 4-6pm, offering cheaper cocktail at 7,000cop.  At check out, check your total bill, as the bartender wrote all of our cocktails down at full price instead of happy hour price which luckily we picked up on.

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