Peru-Ecuador Border Crossing
Peru-Ecuador border crossing

The Peru-Ecuador border crossing sounds like a nightmare, but it really is super easy. You hear the horror stories of the bus driver leaving tourists at the border. If you choose the right bus company, you should have no problem at all!  Which bus company There are many different bus companies offering Peru-Ecuador border crossing […]

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What to do in Arraial D’Ajuda
Arraial D'Ajuda

Arraial D’Ajuda is a beautiful little beach town about halfway between Rio De Janeiro and Salvador, making it a perfect stop to break up the bus journey between these two major cities. You should definitely stop here if you are like me and can get pretty sick of the big city life! Here are some […]

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What to take when moving to Asia – Expats in Asia
Moving to Asia

You are moving to Asia? Great! Or you are thinking of moving to Asia? Fantastic! Come on over and join the Expat-fun. Before you move, however, there are things you should really think about bringing from your homeland, especially regarding toiletries and beauty products. This list is mainly written for women, but men may find […]

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Rainbow Mountain, Cusco
Rainbow Mountain

Have you heard of Rainbow Mountain? Rainbow Mountain is a day hike out of Cusco, Peru, and if you have an extra day up your sleeve, you should not miss this experience! After climbing uphill from 45oom, up to 5100m above sea level, you will be rewarded with a spectacular sight: the rainbow coloured mountains. […]

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What to do in Montanita

What to do in Montanita? The charming Montanita is a great wee beach town full of life and delicious Nutella pancakes! It is one of the gateway towns to the ‘Poor Mans Galapagos’, a party hub, surfers “Las Vegas”, and just a great spot to relax! Beware though, while it is possible to stay here on […]

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