What to take when moving to Asia – Expats in Asia
Moving to Asia

You are moving to Asia? Great! Or you are thinking of moving to Asia? Fantastic! Come on over and join the Expat-fun. Before you move, however, there are things you should really think about bringing from your homeland, especially regarding toiletries and beauty products. This list is mainly written for women, but men may find […]

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What to do in Queenstown, New Zealand
What to do in Queenstown

What to do in Queenstown – Queenstown is a beautiful and adventure packed wee town. Unfortunately, Queenstown is not the most pocket-friendly place for the backpacker, but there are many things to do here on the cheap! Or at least worth throwing some money at.  When to go to Queenstown Queenstown is fantastic all year […]

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Book your next trip, without an agent!
Book your next trip

Planning a trip can be a very daunting task, whether it is a long backpacking journey, or a short week-long holiday! Today there is enough information and online booking systems available that you are very capable of doing it yourself! I’ll help you with how to book your next trip, without an agent! Travel agents I […]

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