Here is my basic travel gear list for three weeks in South East Asia, created specifically for females. I had a 70 litre pack (55 litre pack and 15 litre day bag).

This travel gear list was created based on a trip that included a mix of adventure backpacking and leisure in a variety of climates. I must admit, I am not very conservative when it comes to packing, and a fair few items from this list could be taken out! However, I knew I wasn´t going to be wearing my backpack around much so I allowed myself to be a bit excessive :p.

Backpack: Macpac Genesis Aztec 70

Clothing and footwear:
  • 1x Jandals/thongs
  • 1x comfy sneakers
  • 1x leather boots
  • 5x ankle socks
  • 8x underwear
  • 2x bra + 1x sports bra
  • 2x swim suit
  • 1x rain jacket
  • 1x running tights
  • 2x sports singlets
  • 1x running shorts
  • 1x shorts
  • 2x t-shirts
  • 2x singlet tops
  • 1x jeans
  • 1x casual denim jackets
  • 2x lightweight casual dresses
Medication, hygiene and cosmetics:
  • 1x small first aid kit (plasters, anti malaria tablets, diarrhea tablets)
  • 1x pack of baby wipe/face wipes
  • Chichi foundation with SPF 30
  • 1x tooth brush and travel toothpaste
  • 1x deodorant
  • Small bottle of moisturizer
  • 1x small travel hairbrush
Extras and electronics:
  • 1x Kathmandu travel clothes line
  • 3x plastic bags for wet clothing
  • 1x small sewing kit
  • 1x large microfibre towel
  • 4x copies of my passport photo for ¨visa on arrival¨
  • 1x travel diary
  • 1x selfie stick and blue tooth remote
  • Passport
  • 1x GoPro and accessories
  • 1x phone charger and adaptor
  • 1x IPhone
  • 3x copies of my passport and drivers licence
  • 1x booklet with evidence of travel immunizations
Medication note:

Ask your doctor about what medication to take with you, such as malaria and diarrhea tablets. Water purification tablets are also really handy to have, and should save you a fair bit of money. Many hostels do not have filters on their taps and water can be quite expensive in some places. I have asked five different pharmacies in Sucre, Bolivia for these tablets and none of them had heard of them before, so stock up before you go!


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