If you are a backpacker travelling to Isla Mujeres in the need of cheap accommodation, look no further than Poc-Na!! I highly recommend! And also you don’t really have much other choice :p. 

Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The hostel has various types of rooms, including dormitories for 8 – 4 people, and also private rooms. The all have different prices depending on whether you want air-conditioning or fan and how many people per room. Privates start from $350 pesos, while dormitories are between 150-195 pesos. I was put in the 4 person room with air conditioning for $195 pesos. At first I didn’t want to be in this room as the other rooms were cheaper, but it turned out a better deal. Others were paying 170 pesos for an 8 person room with a fan, and said it wasn’t good! So I was lucky. 

If it’s a busy time of year, you should really book this hostel a few weeks in advance (at least). This hostel is the only backpackers accommodation on the island, and is very popular at the best of times.

You can book a bed at Poc-na on Hostelworld, or you can email them directly from their website http://www.pocna.com/

If you have a room in mind, it’s best to say exactly which room you want in your first email, and ask them to reserve it right away. I learnt the hard way as while I was waiting for them to email me back, and then them waiting for me to email back, they gave away the rooms I had originally asked for! If you book on Hostelworld or Booking.com you will avoid this. However, if the rooms are sold out on these, you should still email them from their website, as I still managed to get accommodation when this happened to me.  


This is a bit of a party hostel, but not your typical doof doof party

hostel where everyone is steamed and shouting and off their face. This place creates a more relaxed vibe. They  provide great live music, which is played inside the main outside hostel area until 11pm, and then everyone is moved outside to the beach bar. If you are in for a quiet night, many of the rooms are located far enough from the commotion that you will still have a peaceful sleep :).

Where to stay in Isla Mujeres
Rumba Sur playing at Poc-Na, Isla Mujeres

The hostel provides heaps of outdoor and indoor seating areas! Most of the land is on the beach! There are heaps of palm trees and hammocks in front of the hostel to laze about in. There is big inside common room with a pool table and table tennis and tables and books etc. you won’t struggle to find a quiet area to read a book here. 


Internet is only available in the main entrance and breakfast seating area, and is pretty average of course!! But at least they have it. 


Breakfast is included and is better than they make it sound on the website! It’s 4 pieces of toast (a few spread options and different bread options), 1 hard boiled egg, a piece of fruit, and coffee.

You get one free welcome drink (beer or cocktail) here. But you must stay awake until 11pm to redeem it (lol). 


There is a restaurant/cheapish food shop attached to the hostel. It’s expensive by Mexican standards, but fair price relative to the rest of the island. 

Bathroom facilities:

There is a big communal bathroom with about 7 or 8 toilets and showers. The shower pressure is good and the water is hot. 

Where to stay in Isla Mujeres
Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres

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