Sucre, Bolivia

Heading to Sucre? Good! It’s a pretty charming wee city, full of colonial buildings that are all painted white! Whether you are heading to Sucre as a quick tourist visit, or you are choosing Sucre as your base for learning Spanish (good choice), you are in for a delightful time. I have stayed at two hostels in Sucre, so I can give you some advice on where to stay! I stayed in Sucre to study Spanish at one of the many Spanish schools there, and I was looking for a hostel I could call home for a month. Here are the pros and cons of staying at 7 Patas and Kultur Berlin.

Sucre, Bolivia
Sucre, Bolivia

Kultur Berlin

I started off staying at Kultur Berlin, but I quickly came to realise it isn’t the best choice if you are planning on staying in Sucre for more than 1 week, and if you are on a budget. However, it is a great choice for the short-term traveler, and for the more party-oriented travelers!

Kultur Berlin pros
  1. Kultur Berlin had great events, having themed dinners most week nights, and themed parties every weekend
  2. Amazing all you can eat buffet breakfast (lots of different fruit, cereals, bread, yogurt).
  3. The set-up was quite pub-like, with a bar as you walk in the door, and courtyard packed with old wooden tables and chairs similar to what you would see in pubs. It even smells like a pub.
  4. The hostel also offers free salsa dancing lessons twice a week, and other drink deals and Spanish lesson deals.
  5. Great location. It’s just around the corner from Sucre Spanish School, and the delightful restaurants I grew to love: Condor Cafe, and Chifa Thai.
  6.  Amazing big and comfortable beds with matching blankets
Kultur Berlin cons
  1. Very loud! The pub is right below the dormitories, so if you you are a light sleeper, and have class at 8am the next morning, this will be terrible for you.
  2. Forget about getting internet in your room. The wifi only reaches the office, and is verrrry bad. Good luck  booking or even loading anything online. Internet in Sucre is super bad everywhere you go, but I found Kultur Berlin’s to be a bit worse.
  3. No kitchen, fridge, or anywhere to store, cook or prep food. This is perhaps the biggest reason I left. This might not matter for people wanting to eat out every day, but when you are a budget backpacker like me, not being able to cook anything gets expensive, fast!
  4.  A bit more expensive than some other hostels in Sucre

You can book your stay at Kultur Berlin through Hostelworld, here.

Juice stalls at the central market, Sucre
Juice stalls at the central market, Sucre

7 (Siete) Patas

I stayed at 7 Patas for 3 weeks while in Sucre, it was perfect for while I studied Spanish in the city. I loved it! Here is why…

7 Patas pros
  1. Huge, fully stocked kitchen, with oven and gas stove. All the kitchen equipment you could ever need. Ample storage space for your fruit and veges, and two fridge/freezers. Free cooking oil is also provided.
  2. Lovely staff. The owner is super friendly and welcoming.
  3. Free towel hire
  4. Cheap laundry services
  5. A small shop in reception to buy water, beer, wine, eggs, and treats – all at normal market prices
  6. Movie room with heaps of DVDs
  7. Big BBQ and outdoor BBQ area
  8. Very cheap private and dormitory rooms, the cheapest I saw in Bolivia
  9. Wifi in all rooms. It is very bad internet, but it is there.
  10. 7 Patas is just around the corner from the local market
7 Patas cons
  1. No breakfast included
  2. Not enough bathrooms when the hostel is full
  3. A slightly annoying distance from Sucre Spanish School (about 1.5km), but close to other Spanish schools

You can book your stay at 7 Patas through Hostelworld, here.

If you have any questions, leave a comment!

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