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5 Reasons why you should study Spanish in Sucre, Bolivia

Are you thinking about studying Spanish in South America? You should think about studying in Sucre, Bolivia! Here’s why:

1 .    Lessons are very cheap

  • The lessons in Sucre cost around 30 Bolivianos ($4 USD approx) per person, per hour, with a maximum of 3 people in the class.
  • Private lessons are around 42 Bolivianos ($6 USD approx) per hour.
  • You can ask for discounts if you sign up for more than 1 week


2 . Living costs in Bolivia are next to nothing

  • Food in Bolivia is cheap. It is possible to eat out everyday and still live on quite a low budget
  • The central market has so much fresh produce, incredibly cheap too!
  • Fresh orange juice at the markets is 5 Bolivianos (less than $1 USD)
  • A three course meal at Chifa Thai costs 19 Bolivianos (less than $3 USD)
  • A dorm bed in a hostel starts from 38 Bolivioans (about $5.5 USD)


Sucre, Bolivia
Sucre, Bolivia

3 . Sucre is beautiful

  • This city is known for its beautiful colonial style, with all of the colonial buildings in the city center painted white due to an historic rule.
  • There are many view points around Sucre, such as the Mirador, giving gorgeous views of white buildings with terracotta-colored rooftops.


4 . Live in semi-expat community

  • With many Spanish schools, and Sucre becoming an ever-more popular city to learn Spanish, you will meet many other travelers studying Spanish here. I met many people who I ended up travelling much of South America with later down the track, and many who will be life-long friends
  • There are a lot of creature comforts popping up in the city, including several pubs and clubs, many restaurants with food such as burgers and chips, vegetarian restaurants, Thai food, and much more.
  • Sucre has several supermarkets stocked with many home comforts such as nutella and pringles to get you through the long days of studying Spanish.


5 . The Bolivian accent is ‘pure’

  • Bolivians are known for having a ‘pure’ Spanish accent, and for speaking slowly and clearly which makes them easily understood, and easy to learn from.


Sucre Spanish School

I studied at Sucre Spanish School, and they were great! Sucre Spanish School was not only very professional in their lessons, but very flexible with their schedules, and the school was beautiful ‘ an old colonial building with a huge courtyard, painted bright red and yellow! 

I also recommend taking individual lessons. I started off in a group lesson, studying for 4hrs everyday, Monday to Friday, but this became way to much for me! It was frustrating being behind or ahead of the other students, and having to wait for each person to have their turn, or having them wait while you catch up. I decided to change to 3hrs of individual lessons instead, which I got way more out of, and it was the pretty much the same price as 4hrs of group study!

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