Where to stay in Jaipur
Ruby For in Jaipur

There are plenty of backpacker hostels and hotels in Jaipur, unlike other parts of India. I stayed at Jaipur Sundeck, which I highly recommend and have reviewed below, but I have also included hostels that my friends have stayed at and also recommend to help you decide where to stay in Jaipur.   Personally I […]

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Where to stay in Varanasi: Roadhouse Hostel
Dawn boat tour in Varanasi

When deciding where to stay in Varanasi, look no further than Roadhouse Hostels. This is a hostel chain in India, providing cheap, clean and well thought out accommodation for the budget backpacker. You can take a look or book it here on Hostelworld: Varanasi Roadhouse Hostels. The Varanasi hostel is still quite new (visited in […]

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